Getting ready for a race?

Need some minor adjustments?

  • Clean and inspect frame & components
  • Inspect & adjust brakes/levers
  • Inspect & adjust derailleurs/shifters
  • Check and torque bolts across bike
  • Rates apply for new part or accessory installation
  • $45.00


Full Tune

Comprehensive tune up

Providing your bike with adjustments from front to back

  • Clean and inspect frame & components
  • Inspect & adjust brakes/levers
  • Remove drive train components
  • Adjust all bearing systems
  • Inspect & adjust deraileurs/shifters
  • Check and torque bolts across bike
  • True and tension bother wheels
  • Rates apply for new part or accessory installation
  • $100.00



Need to start over?

Overhaul covers stripping your bike to the frame and building it back up

  • Remove all components; including handle bars, stem, fork etc. 
  • Frame and all components cleaned, inspected & serviced individually
  • All bearing systems serviced or replaced
  • All cables and housing replaced (cost of cables/housing not included)
  • $165.00


Integrated Aero

Rates increase with added complexity of
integrated aero bikes

  •  Integrated Aero Ground up Build          $200
  •  Integrated Aero Overhaul                    $200
  •  Integrated Aero Full Tune                    $115
  •  Complete Aero Bar Install                        $65
  •  Labor Aero Mounted Brake Install            $30
  •  Labor Aero Mounted Brake Adjust           $25



  •  Tire of tube (off bike)                              $5
  •  Tire or tube (on bike)                            $10
  •  Wrap Handlebars                                  $10
  •  Clip on Aerobar Install                           $15
  •  Computer Install                                    $15
  •  Speedfil Install                                       $15
  •  Rear Mounted Hydration Install             $20
  •  Box or Unbox Shipped Bike                   $50


Traveling with your bike? 

We will professionally pack or unpack your bike into either your own or rented travel case. This service involves carefully disassembling and padding the frame, wheels and handlebars as well as anything else you would like shipped with your bike. We also take the time with customers to show them how to remove, assemble and repack their bike at their destination.   $50.00


We are bicycle-mechanic professionals

Athletes Lounge is a full-service shop that offers competent and friendly service.  We take pride in our work and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with all our service work.  Our passion is bikes, and we love serving the cycling community. 

When your bike needs service, call or visit our store.  Athletes Lounge provides full service on all types of bicycles (any brand or model), including regular maintenance and repairs. We have a staff of experienced mechanics that offer professional and friendly service.

Fast Turnaround

To accommodate your busy schedule, we provide fast turnarounds on most service/repairs. Most service work at Athletes Lounge is completed in 2–3 days or less. We will try to accommodate your schedule if you need your bike back sooner – so just let us know!

FREE evaluation and estimate

Your bike needs routine maintenance to keep you riding smoothly and safely. Just bring in your bike, and we'll inspect it for free and advise you on options. No appointment necessary.