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About Us

Welcome to the new Athletes Lounge

Athletes Lounge has been part of the Portland Oregon Multi Sport Community since 2009. We are a group of athletes that love to race. We participate in life, daily. Our customers love to play, all the time. If you seek adventure and a healthy lifestyle, then come join us. This site is dedicated to the adventurer in all of us, that soul searching desire to participate, witness and build lifetime memories.

Gary Wallesen

I started this sport in the early 80s. My name is Gary Wallesen, and I couldn't have been more excited with Triathlon. I loved to Run, Bike and Swim; here in front of me was a sport that allowed me to focus on all three. Racing in events around the west coast mostly, I was in awe of the caliber of talent. I didn't have the time or foresight to know this sport would take off and eventually be in the Olympics. I was a follower for sure, watching and always learning. The Pro's of the day were humble and easy yet very focused. They knew if they didn't drive the sport and its future, it would have wandered away.

I still seek out any shop with an adventurous side and spend hours wanting to absorb every bit of racing information, training tips, gear and mostly new ideas. Adventure abound is the world in front of us. I hope this site brings that kind of spirit to all of us.

Why Us?

Being constantly asked to support a larger community and facing an ever changing retail environment, we decided to launch this website. Athletes Lounge is now part of the Velotech Organization which owns the bike shop Western Bikeworks here in Portland. Ideas and Goals are better met with a passion. Ours runs deep. Velotech brings a wealth of experience in a virtual world that Athletes Lounge needed and this site is a culmination of that partnership.

The community is the reason I've loved this sport all these years. I find it wonderful that every Athlete I've met was more than a fellow competitor. We all have families, work and hobbies outside of a Saturday race. We're all passionate human beings. I hope to encourage that vibe here at Athletes Lounge and I invite you to will join our staff and myself in keeping this idea alive.

Thank You for taking the time to read this, We'll see you outside.

Gary Wallesen