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Women's Free Tri ITU Suit

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Float your way to victory.

Everyone knows that Castelli claims to give their rider's an unfair advantage, but with this ITU-compliant speed suit that just might be true. Using no more than 6 different materials, the Castelli Women's Free Tri ITU Suit is a masterpiece of apparel design, purpose-built to deliver you to the podium.

Once you enter the water, Castelli's Instadry Speed fabric will win you over with its hydrophobic properties. Refusing to accept any water, these shorts add buoyancy while reducing drag in the water. Once you hit T1 what little moisture that is present will get pushed to the surface for rapid evaporation, meaning by the time you're pedaling away you'll be well on your way to cool, dry comfort.

As you start the second leg of your tri and get into your tuck, the SpeedFreak and Velocity mesh fabrics of the upper help you slice through the wind. Castelli claims that with the help of their Free Tri suit you can shave minutes off an ultra-length solo ride. Stitching the fabrics together in an ergonomic, second skin-like fit that furthers the aerodynamics of the suit. Replacing the typical trio of rear pockets, Castelli's dual Aero pockets located at the hip reduce drag while still providing easy access to your nutrition. Of course, as the name implies, this suit features an ITU-compliant zipper with a lanyard for easy on/off operation.


Leg Type: Shorts 


Style Type: Tri-Suit