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Cran Razz
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Lemon Lime
Cran Razz

Shot Electrolyte Drink Mix Pouch

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Clif's Shot Electrolyte Drink Mix is formulated to do one thing: hydrate.

For their Electrolyte Drink Mix, Clif went to the drawing board and designed a mix that would be ideal for keeping athletes hydrated during training or racing. To combat dehydration, five electrolytes replenish those lost during exercise through sweat. A 4% carbohydrate solution also aids in fluid absorption without producing an overly sweet product that can lead to an upset stomach. With a light flavor, the upshot of this formulation is that the Clif Shot Electrolyte Drink Mix is easy (on the palate and the stomach) to drink continuously, maintaining the proper level of hydration.

The Shot Electrolyte Drink Mix Pouch makes 20 servings, and is available in Lemon Lime and Cran Razz.