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Garmin Running Dynamics Pod
Garmin Running Dynamics Pod
Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Running Dynamics Pod

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And I ran, I ran so far away.

With the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod you can easily track your cadence, left/right balance, stride length and more. Simple to use, the pod clips onto your waistband to transmit running metrics to your Garmin watch or other Garmin device. So lightweight that it virtually disappears once it's on, this accessory is also IPX7 water rating and year-long battery life.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod measures 6 running metrics:

  • Ground contact time: Time in each step spent on ground measured in milliseconds.
  • Contact time balance: Displays left/right balance, displayed as a percentage with arrow.
  • Cadence: Total number of steps per minute.
  • Stride length: Length of stride from one footfall to next, measured in meters.
  • Vertical oscillation: Vertical motion of torso during stride, displayed in centimeters.
  • Vertical ratio: Ratio of vertical oscillation per stride, lower percentage is better form.