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Retroshift CX1v Shifters (Long Pull)
Retroshift CX1v Shifters (Long Pull)

CX1v 10 Speed Shifters (Long Pull)

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Imagine the simplicity of bar-end shifters with the ease of use of integrated "brifter" units and compatibility with long pull brakes. That's just what the CX1v 10 speed shifters deliver.

Designed for those running a single front ring and long pull brakes, the CX1v shifters feature the hybrid bar-end shifter/brake lever combo that has made Gevenalle famous with just a rear shifting mechanism. As with Gevenalle's other products these essentially feature a single 10 speed bar-end shifter, mated to Tektro manufactured brake levers that have been upgraded to Gevenalle's specifications. The CX1's design benefits from incredible durability and ease of use, and with the added simplicity of a 1 x 10 system they are prefect for self-supported touring as well as cyclocross.

The first shifters to prioritize ease of use from the hoods, this setup allows you to move through the entire rear cassette with a single throw of shift lever, and without moving your hands from the hoods. Try doing that with anything but the most expensive electronic shifters. With their comfort, dependability, durability, and ease-of-use, these make an excellent alternative or replacement for more expensive shift units.

These Gevenalle CX1v Shifters are 10 speed compatible and with v-brakes and mountain mechanical disc brakes. If your Gevenalles somehow get damaged, you can also get them rebuilt at Gevenalle HQ in Portland for $24.

Note: Retroshift has changed their name to Gevenalle (derived from the Dutch for "Give All") to reflect their growth as a company and continued support for the cyclocross community.