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NiteRider Swift 350/Sabre 50 Combo
NiteRider Swift 350/Sabre 50 Combo

Swift 350/Sabre 50 Combo

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The NiteRider Swift 350 / Sabre 50 Combo is a compact and reliable solution for staying illuminated on the road. Up front, 350 lumens shines out from a single high-efficiency LED behind a collimator lens for an optimized field of view when riding at night. Out back, the Sabre outputs 50 lumens for rider visibility even during rainy nights. Both lights are designed to stay visible throughout the day as well for grabbing attention on busy streets, and the Sabre features amber running lights for visibility from the side.

Low battery indicators glow red when in need of recharging, which is easily done with the included USB charging cables. Featuring patented Intellicharge technology, the Swift can significantly reduce charging time when connected to higher amperage power sources like a wall plug, turning a 3 1/4 hour recharge time into just 2 hours. The Sabre needs only 1 1/2 hours to fully replenish its charge.

Includes LED headlight with integrated handlebar mount, LED tail light with seatpost mount, and USB charging cables. IP64 waterproof. Claimed weights are 82 g for the Swift 350 and 28 g for the Sabre 50.

Swift 350 Burn Times:

  • High Steady - 350 lumens: 1:30 hours
  • Medium Steady - 150 lumens: 3:00 hours
  • Low Steady - 70 lumens: 6:30 hours
  • Daylight Flash: 5:30 hours
  • Walk Mode: 21:30 hours

Sabre 50 Burn Times :

  • High Steady: 1:30 hours
  • Medium Steady: 2:30 hours
  • Low Steady: 4:00 hours
  • High Flash: 4:30 hours
  • Steady Flash: 4:30 hours
  • Eco Flash: 7:30 hours

Light Type: Rechargeable