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Open Water Swimming

Swim Workout of the Month
May 2017 - 2700 yards or meters

I like to build a workout that resembles race day. The first few hundred yards you're really going after it, then you need to settle in and finish strong.

Warm Up - (500)

300 to 500 yards/meters is enough. Mix the stroke up to help balance muscle use. If you're adding drills to this workout, now is a good time to do them.

Main Set - (1900)

4 x 200 (push the first 50 to just below your sprint speed, then practice slowing it down for the remaining 150 but holding steady on the pace) (30 sec rest in between each) If you are finding that you're slowing down continually during this phase, then slow it done on the 1 st 50 the next one. The key is a fast 50 and a consistent pace for the 150, repeat.

2 minute rest

1 x 300 Steady I think that learning to pace is one of the most important things we can learn in sport and especially swimming. You know the pace you can hold, so find that pace and stick to it for this 300. If you're capturing this on a swim watch, make sure and look at how well you held pace for each 50. This takes practice.

1 minute rest

4 x 200 (push the last 50 of the 200) So now we're doing the first set as a repeat, just backwards. Settle into a solid pace that you can hold consistently, then the last 50 you push as close to a sprint as possible without losing form. (30 sec rest in between each).

1 minute rest

Warm Down - (300)

200 to 300 yards - This is a time to relax, let the HR come down, mix the stroke up as well.

Coach Gary Wallesen ( is a USAT Level 1 Coach and has been working with Athletes for over 15 years.